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We sell h2ocean

H2Ocean’s Aquatat is An Ointment Designed To Effectively Protect Your New Tattoo.


•Promotes Healing

•No Smelly Mess

•USP Ingredients

•No Pimples

               •Skin Protectant

               •No Cracking

               •No Drying

               •Anti Aging Ingredients


Petrolatum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabollo.

The combination of sea salt and lysozyme creates the optimal solution to reduce the healing time and help eliminate adverse issues that commonly arise when dealing with a new piercing. Shorter healing times occur when naturally optimal healing environments are promoted rather than using harsh soaps and chemicals that destroy beneficial bacteria.


• Hypoallergenic

• Gluten Free 

• Antibacterial

• pH Balanced

   • 82 Elements and Minerals

• Natural to Your Body

• Remains Sterile

• Safe for all Skin Types



Purified Water, Sea Salt, Lysozyme, Sodium Citrate

Piercing Care

  • Wash the piercing with Dial (anitbacterial) soup: Be sure the clean it 2 to 3 times a day

  • Stay healthy. Get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet.

  • Make sure bedding is kept clean and changed regularly

  • Spray on H2Ocean 3-6 times a day: Let it airdry, using a q-tip or cotton ball can take out excess product that could have been used. 

  • Do not touch the piercing: Or rotate jewerly during the healing period. Everytime you do that you are damaging the skins cells that are trying to regenerate causing the healing process to take longer

  • Do not take out the jewelry: Body piercings may take many months to completely heal. Changing or removing jewelry should be avoided during this time

  • Avoid hot tubs and public pools until the piercing is completely healed

  • Avoid Alcohol, smoking, chewing tabacco, and spicy food with a new oral piercing

  • Avoid direct sunlight, make-up, tanning beds, and lotions

  • Do Not use ointments: Products containing petroleum are not recommended as it may collect and promote the growth of bacteria



• Initially: some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, or bruising.

During healing: some discoloration, itching, secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) that will form some crust on the jewelry. The tissue may tighten around the jewelry as it heals.

Once healed: the jewelry may not move freely in the piercing; do not force it. If you fail to include cleaning your piercing as part of your daily hygiene routine, normal but smelly bodily secretions may accumulate.

• A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete. This is because tissue heals from the outside in, and although it feels fine, the interior remains fragile. Be patient, and keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period.

• Even healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been there for years! This varies from person to person; if you like your piercing, keep jewelry in—do not leave it empty.


Acceptable Healing Aids and Products

Tea Tree Oil 

Emu Oil 


Saline Solution





Rubbing Alcohol

Hydrogen Poroxide


Ear Care Solution





Tattoo Care



  1. DO NOT pick, scratch, or peel any loose skin or scabs! They will come off when ready. And don’t worry when your scabs start peeling, your tattoo is not coming off!

  2. DO NOT soak your tattoo in pools, ocean, baths, hot tub, saunas etc. Short showers only until completely healed (approximately 2 weeks).

  3. NO direct sunlight until completely healed.  Constant unprotected exposure to sunlight while tattoo is healing will fade your tattoo. 

  4. DO NOT shave over your tattoo until it has healed.

  5. DO NOT listen to your friends, your relatives, or your significant other about tattoo aftercare….. Unless they are the artist who gave you the tattoo.

These tips are here to help you with your healing process, please note that everyone heals differently. Pay attention to what the artist tells you. Here are some genearl tips.

  • Leave the bandage on for 2 hours than GENTLY clean off the blood, plasma, and ointment in lukewarm water with Dial (antibacterial) soup. Do not rebandage

  •  Wash your tattoos 2-3 times a day. Be sure to have clean hands everytime you manage your tattoo. Tattoo generally take 2 weeks to a month to heal. Depends on how worked the skins is. DO NOT USE SCRUBBERS OR LOAFAS on your tattoo.

  • Pat dry with a lint free towel or quality paper towels. Bounty is a good choice, it will also help since its disposable and you don't have to worry about getting bacteria from the towels onto your tattoo.

  • Do not pick at your tattoo! If your tattoo scabs or is peeling do not pick or scratch at your tattoo. Try to wear loose clothing during the healing process so the tattoo doesn't stick to your clothes

  • Apply ointment for the next 2 to 4 days. Do not put to much oinment on the skin. Only enough to glaze the tattoo. Too much ointment is not good. Pores will suffocate and may cause skin to breakout. Too much grease will attract and trap dust and bacteria which may cause a skin infection.

  • After ointmen use Fragrance free lotion. Your skin will appear opaque and shiny at first, making your tattoo seem dull. This is due to the skins cells still recovering to their normal condition. Liberal amounts of fragrance and dye free skin lotion should be applied for the next month or so. DO NOT continue using greasy ointments after 3 to 4 days.

Approved ointments and lotions



Bacitracine (NOT BACTINE)

Lubriderm non-scented





A & D ointment

Neosporin or any triple antibiotic ointments

Fruit scented hand soaps

Lotions that contain “alcohol”

Your friends' advice

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